Las 30 mejores reacciones en una casa embrujada que jamás verás

He just needs someone to hold him, okay?
Estas personas probablemente están bastante molestas porque sus rostros aterrorizados están en Internet para que todos los vean, pero es todo en la buena diversión. Lo que sea que estaban mirando debe haber sido horrible. Yo como que quiero ir a verlo.
Just turn away!

Look your biggest fear right in the eyes....or don't.

Invisible horses really come in handy in these situations.

He's scared, but he looks confident about it.

Look at those neck veins.

Slap your friends right in the face!

Have you ever gotten so scared that you couldn't even react? Because he has.

Cheerleaders? More like FEARleaders!

If you scream at it, it will go away. It's science.

Pro tip: if you get too scared, go to sleep.

They're scared, but they have great hair.

A nightmare that the whole family will love!

Keep it together for your man, girl. He needs you right now.

When in doubt, throw your loved ones in harm's way!

It's time for a piggyback ride!

Look at the height on this jump.

It's a proven fact that gnawing on someone's head will help you cope with feelings of existential dread.

Not even the camera could handle this level of terror.

These guys look like good sports.

I honestly just want to know what all of these people are looking at.

It's the scariest conga line ever.

He's had it with this whole situation.

That second guy really threw everything off.

Another conga line. I'm noticing a trend here.

They'll never step foot inside a haunted house again.

All of the nope!

Just hold hands and it'll be okay.

Take your invisible purse and GET OUT OF THERE.

Protect the kids, dad!

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