Una playa de cristal

After man made a mess by dumping trash directly into the ocean, Mother Nature stepped in to turn the area into one of the most unique beaches you will ever see. What was once millions of old glass bottles have been broken down and rounded off by crashing waves and time. Glass Beach in MacKerricher State Park near Fort Bragg, California, is not covered with sand, but with millions of tiny colored pieces of glass. Oh yes, nature reclaimed the beach and definitely got the last laugh.

Close-up view of the colored glass beads mixed in the sand at Glass Beach near Fort Bragg, CA

Fort Bragg - Glass Beach

Awesome Wave at Fort Bragg, CA

Beach of Sea Glass

Landscape shot of the coast near Glass Beach, Fort Bragg

Good dog Cali at Glass Beach

The Glass beach in Fort Bragg, California

Hunting pretty pieces as treasure at Glass Beach Fort Bragg

Beautiful Nature at at MacKerricher State Park, CA

'Born to be wild' at MacKerricher State Park, CA

Sea Bat Stars, Morro Bay, CA - MacKerricher State Park

Mendocino coast Fort Bragg

view from Sea Cave at Glass Beach in Fort Bragg

Stomping around on Glass Beach

The Ten Mile Haul Road runs north of Fort Bragg, though MacKerricher park

Yellow poppies, wildflowers on the California coast, north of Fort Bragg

Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens Fort Bragg, CA

Fort Bragg - MacKerricher State Park - Boardwalk

Glass and rocks on Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, CA

MacKerricher State Park gulls

Fort Bragg's Glass Beach

MacKerricher State Park - cormorants, and a pelican too

Glass Beach is a fascinating place

Golden Sunset taken at the beach just north of MacKerricher State Park, north of Fort Bragg

Glass Beach is a beach in MacKerricher State Park near Fort Bragg, Ca

Glass Beach Sunset

environmental healing power of nature at glass beach

Dogs having fun on the glass

Looking out over Glass Beach

sand from glass

Glass in the Sunlight

Glass Beach has a remarkable density of polished sea glass due to a history of dumping garbage into the sea in northern Fort Bragg

big red glass on Glass Beach

people picking through shiny glass

flowers at glass beach

glass beach rocks

Close-up of the glass beads mixed in the gravel at Glass Beach outside Fort Bragg, CA


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