Olas feroces atacando a faros

When you don't live close to a coastline or a major body of water, seeing the waves when you visit is exciting. But there are times when the waves turn into churning monsters of nature that attack man-made objects like lighthouses. Those exciting huge waves are then terrifyingly ferocious. Yet some people are held spellbound by nature’s fury. And some are amazingly brave and talented photographers who capture that perfect split second to share with us.
Stormy weather and rough seas at Roker Lighthouse © Gail Johnson

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Blizzard Rams New England

The hard life of the lighthouse

Rough weather for lighthouse keepers - Monster waves

Aftermath of the Winter Storm - huges turned to ice

Ice Drapery after 20ft waves

The Oswego Lighthouse is awash with waves during a November 2003 storm with 80 mph winds

Porthcawl Harbour Storm

South Haven Pier 16 to 20 foot waves

Furious Lake Michigan Petoskey - waves and ice

Monster waves at Frankfort Michigan

Splash - Fecamp - Seine Maritime - Upper Normandy Region


Big Water - Ludington North Breakwater Light - Lake Michigan waves

Artic Blast - Ludington South Breakwater Light

Liquid Thunder - Waves Crashing into Grand Marais Harbor Light

Battered Grand Haven Pier Light

Wollongong Lighthouse & Waves

Petoskey Winter Storm  - huge waves vs lighthouse


South Haven Wind - waves- lighthouse

Rough Weather

Perfect Timing - Petoskey Breakwall

Smell the salt? Fishing boat coming in during a storm, winds a 130 km/h

Sea Point Storm - Foam monster attacking the public!

Waves striking seawall give appearance of geysers erupting

Winter Rage Grand Haven Pier Light

1969 Storm surge from Hurricane Carol lashes Rhode Island Yacht Club

Frankfort Michigan lighthouse. When there's a strong wind out of the southwest, dramatic things happen!

1954 - Hurricane Carol destroyed hundreds of summer cottages and homes Huge waves bound into beach front homes

Sheboygan Lighthouse (NOAA Station SGNW3) ferocious waves

Typhoon-generated waves striking a breakwater in Japan

When the lake goes fishing

Big Sea

Winter Fury  Ludington North Breakwater Light

Giant Crashing Wave still can't touch lighthouse

Frankfort Breaker.. Lake Michigan

Gale force winds at South Haven, Michigan attract visitors to the lighthouse and pier, along with surfers and intrepid kayakers.

The Power of the Storm

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