Las raras medusas "huevo frito"

Exist in nature two species of jellyfish that have the singular name of "fried egg": the Phacellophora camtschatica and Cotylorhiza tuberculata. Both differ in size and location of the planet but looks almost perfectly resembles the shape of a fried egg. Fascinating.

Phacellophora camtschatica: it is a great medusa, with a bell up to 60 cm in diameter and the strands and can reach 6 feet long. Traditionally the species has been included in the Ulmaridae family, but is now considered the only member of the family Phacellophoridae.

This sort of cold water can be found in almost all the world's oceans. It feeds mainly on small zooplankton that catches their filaments.

Cotylorhiza tuberculata: It is known by the name "aguacuajada" or jellyfish in the Mediterranean. It is the Cepheidae family and is in the Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Adriatic Sea. It reaches up to 15 cm in diameter, with a maximum recorded 25 cm. Your hood is soft, surrounded by a ring of small purple tentacles arranged in a circle.  Each arm is bifurcated from the mouth to near its base. In addition to some larger appendages that there are many short, club-shaped leading end shaped discs.

This jellyfish sting, like that of his relative, has little or no effect in man.


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