La espectacular lava del volcán del Monte Etna

Mount Etna lava fountain, August 2014

Mount Etna, one of the 17 Decade Volcanoes and Europe’s tallest active volcano, has been putting on a great show. Adrenaline-seeking tourists have been getting up-close and personal for the rumbling and lava spewing spectacle in Italy. Even the astronauts aboard the ISS have taken note and grabbed some stunning shots. Here’s Mount Etna…

July 2014 Etna erupting

Etna Volcano Paroxysmal Eruption July 30 2011

Etna eruption seen from the ISS in 2002

Mount Etna and Greek theater in November 2013

Etna in August 2014

2006 Mount Etna erupting

Windy road to Etna in 2005

Volcanic landscape of Etna on August 2012

Alone on Etna, August 2012

Hiking on volcano, Etna in Oct 2009

Kaboom, Etna in Oct 2013

Etna December 30 2013

Eruption spectators, Etna at night on July 20, 2014

Mount Etna in June 2008

Eye of Sauron above the Etna eruption in Jan 2011

Mount Etna's fury in Oct 2013

Mt Etna, with Catania in the foreground

Catania, Sicily, Italy and Etna in March 2012

Dawn Mount Etna Volcano Dawn at Paternò Sicilia Italy in July 2010

Etna Dec 2013, Small changes after the weak paroxysm

Activity at Mt. Etna in April 2011

April 2013 Mount Etna pictured from the International Space Station

Mt Etna in 2005

Etna as seen from a plane in July 2011

Smoke of Etna volcano seen from the International Space Station 2002

Mount Etna in December 2013

Traveling up the mountain, Etna

Etna in Sept 2007

Fantastic Etna, December 2013

View of East Side from Piano della Concazza on August 5 2014

Secondary Nord-Est Crater Erupting, Etna in August 2014


Etna erupting in January 2009

Jan 2009 Etna erupting

September 2012 Etna Volcano paroxysmal eruption

July 2011 Etna Volcano paroxysmal eruption

Etna Volcano Eruption January 12th 2011 View from the East side

Volcano erupting, Etna in Sicily Dec 29 2013

July 2014 The two new little craters on North-eastern side of Mount Etna

Sunset in Sicily October 2011

Mount Etna lava from space at night

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