Fotografías asombrosas de Caballitos de Mar y Dragones de Mar

With a long face like a horse, they have an almost mythical appearance, but are far from immortal as none of the seahorse family are strong swimmers and they often die during storms. They excel at camouflage and many can change colors to hide themselves in their natural underwater surroundings. There are declining numbers as these creatures are used in Asian herbal medicines. Bizarrely, for seahorses, leafy and weedy sea dragons and even pipefish — a relative — males are responsible for childbearing. Here are some fun facts and sensational shots of these tiny “sea monsters” that are truly spectacular!

Phyllopteryxm Weedy Seadragon

Lined seahorse, Hippocampus erectus

Rainbow-colored seahorse

Leafy Seadragon in the Georgia Aquarium

 The Black-Sea seahorse is a rare sight in the shallow waters of Eforie-Sud

Leafy sea dragon in Atlanta Aquarium

Thorny Seahorse seen while diving Egypt

Seahorse at Oregon Coast Aquarium

Weedy seadragon in Cabbage Tree Bay, Sydney, Australia
Con una cara larga como un caballo, tienen un aspecto casi mítico, pero están lejos de ser inmortales, nadie de la familia de caballitos de mar son buenos nadadores y a menudo mueren durante las tormentas. Sobresalen en camuflaje y muchos pueden cambiar los colores y esconderse en su entorno natural bajo el agua. Hay una disminución del número ya que estas criaturas se utilizan en la medicina natural asiática. Curiosamente, los caballitos de mar y dragones de mar e incluso agujas de mar - un pariente - los machos son responsables de la maternidad. He aquí algunas fotos sensacionales de estos pequeños "monstruos marinos" que son realmente espectaculares!
Potbelly Seahorses at Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga, TN

Thorny Seahorse

Leafy Seadragon & Weedy Seadragon

Lembeh Seadragon - Kyonemichthys Rumengani

Seahorses, frilly 'pipehorses' or leafy seadragons in Wilhelma zoo and botanical garden, Germany

Macro photography of a gray and of a yellow seahorse at Zurich Zoo

Sea dragons in love, Leafy seems to be in love with Weedy

Leafy Seadragons swim-dancing at Dallas Aquarium

Pygmy seahorse well-camouflaged to blend in with the soft coral around Cebu, Philippines

Ornate Ghostpipefish - Solenostomus paradoxus

Up close and personal with a leafy seadragon

Weedy seadragon, male weedy seadragon with eggs

Seahorse mating dance

Weedy seadragon, bizarrely appearing to fly through the water

Pot-bellied and Lined Sea horses

Toothless pipefish is snake-like and has a long, thin straight body and tail

Seahorse convention

Seahorse in Birch Aquarium

Illuminated Leafy Sea dragon

Juvenile Ornate Ghost PipeFish

Seahorse cluster, tail around head, and closeup of seahorse

Seahorses, Couple for life

Seahorse is the title given to 54 species of marine fish in the genus Hippocampu

Schultz's Pipefish - Corythoichthys schultzi - in Egypt

Stunning seahorses, seadragons, pygmy seadragon

Seahorse silhouette, in the shadows at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Scuba diving with a 'great seahorse'

Seahorse, master of disguise via camouflage and some change colors to blend into their environment

Pygmy Seahorse beautifully camouflage among soft coral in Cabilao island, Philippines

Kissing seahorses at the Montery Bay Aquarium

The leafy seadragon is protected by the Australian government

Entire family of Syngnathidae fish which includes seahorses, pipefishes, weedy seadragons and leafy sea dragons

Thorny Seahorse - Hippocampus jayakari - in Egypt. It can change color to blend in with its surroundings

As seen on night dive, pipefish kissing coral

Elusive seahorse

Potbelly seahorse and seahorse ultra closeup

Underwater photography, lined seahorse swimming near diving gear

Seahorse swimming into the blue

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