Espectaculares bandadas de Estorninos: Un fenómeno único

In the winter, over Europe, massive starling flocks, from thousands to millions of birds, swarm, swoop, shift, swirl and twirl, moving as one while performing amazing aerial acrobatics.

Swarms and starling murmuration

Giant thumb print -- Starling roost at Minsmere, Suffolk

A murmuration of starlings at Gretna

Flock -- 'Black Sun' by the lake in Silkeborg

Black ink, starlings flocking at sunset over EUR

Starlings forming fascinating formations over Tøndermarsken, south-west Jutland, Denmark

A large flock of European Starlings (also known as Common Starlings) at dusk over Rome, Italy
En el invierno, a lo largo de Europa, bandadas de estorninos de miles a millones de aves, se  mueven como uno al realizar increíbles acrobacias aéreas.

Flock -- 'Black Sun' by the lake in Silkeborg

Sunset starling murmuration at Brighton West Pier

Starling Murmuration -- roosting Starlings on the Somerset levels

Starling Murmuration, at Gretna over 1 million starlings, taking evasive action

Flock of starlings in Burgos

A Sky Full of Starlings

Starlings flocking at sunset over Roma, Italia

A murmuration of starlings seen at mid-day between Corinth and Athens in November

A small segment of a spectacular fly by of thousands of starlings at Brighton pier

Auklet flock, Shumagins

Spectacled teals fly over the Lake of Geumgang in Gunsan near Seoul

Snake about to chomp Buzzard

Starling Mumurations

Starlings attack of the birds

Starlings over Tøndermarsken, south-west Jutland, Denmark

Starling flocks huge overhead, Break out the umbrella

Flock of starlings acting as a swarm, flock of European Starlings gathers at sunset to roost

Ballet of the starlings


Flock of Starlings over Scotland

Flock of Starlings

Artists of the sky

Startling starlings

Murmuration, Blackpool

Winter murmuration of starlings on the beach

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