Gigantes gentiles en peligro de extinción: Espectaculares fotografías de Manatíes

Manatees are endangered marine mammals. Sometimes called “sea cows,” they were once thought to be a bit dimwitted, but now are known to have a similar intelligence to dolphins. Here’s look at these endearing, endangered gentle giants. 
Kissing manatees in Georgia

King Spring, one of many warm-water springs in Kings Bay, provides 72 degree water for manatees year-round

Fat Manatee at the Sea World Exhibit in Orlando Florida

Manatee resting at Three Sisters Springs while shading over a school of mangrove snappers

Manatees in love

Manatee with nursing calf

Manatee at Williamsburg, Florida, US

Petting a manatee

Florida manatee, Trichechus manatus latirostrus, Crystal River, Florida, USA

Manatee, a federally endangered species

Caution manatee area sign at a marina in Florida

Mid-January, manatees resting at Tarpon Hole (left) and King Spring (right) during a 30 degree F day

Crystal River and Kings Bay is the winter home to hundreds of manatees

Manatees at Three Sisters Springs

Kayaking with manatees at Weeki Wachee Shores, Spring Hill, FL

Manatees at Blue Spring State Park in Florida

Endangered mammal species manatee, cow and calf

Manatees crossing over the King Spring toward the manatee sanctuary's shallow waters

Red Tide off the coast of Florida has killed a record 174 endangered manatees so far in 2013

Manatees at Florida, not in the wild, but at Sea World

Manatee Sea Cow nostrils

Manatee Drinking Water from a hose in Plantation Key, Florida

Manatee munching on Cabbage Palm at Blue Spring State Park

 Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, established in 1983, specifically protects the endangers West Indian Manatee

Manatee foraging for food

Endangered Florida manatees (Trichechus manatus)

Closeup of endangered Florida manatees

 Florida manatee at Pass A Grille Branch, Florida, US

A baby manatee piggyback riding on its mom

African manatee at Toba aquarium

Bird flying over manatees

Guamá, orphaned manatee in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba was bottle-fed and rehabilitated in Puerto Rico

Diver feeding a baby manatee

Hand feeding manatees

2 West Indian manatees, only female specimens existing in Spain

Swimming with manatees

Underwater photography of fish and manatee

West Indian manatee

Manatee swimming over divers in Egypt

Two West Indian manatee nuzzling noses

Parker Manatee Aquarium, Bradenton, FL

Los manatíes son mamíferos marinos en peligro de extinción. A veces llamados "vacas marinas", una vez se pensó que eran un poco torpes, pero ahora se sabe que tienen una inteligencia similar a los delfines. así que aquí les dejo estas excelentes fotografia de estos entrañables, gentiles gigantes en peligro de extinción. 

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