El Salto Ángel, la cascada más alta del mundo

Angel Falls, the world’s highest free-falling waterfall, is located deep within the Canaima National Park in Venezuela. The trek through the jungle is a surreal adventure in itself and has been compared to traveling through a “Lost World.”

Angel Falls world's highest free-falling waterfall

Salto Angel (Angel Falls) Venezuela, official name - Kerepakupai merú

Rainbow Jambaia - the climb

Canaima, Venezuela

Angel falls panoramic, Composed of 21 individual pictures

Salto del Angel

El salto Ángel - Kerepakupai-merú

Climbing Angel Falls, camping on the cliff via adrenaline junkies hanging while they sleep

Canaima National Park Waterfalls

Looking up at Angel Falls

Spectacular Angel Falls in Canaima National Park

Angel Falls, Bolívar State, Venezuela on giant tepuis Auyantepu

Angel Falls climber


Canoes at Canaima National Park, Venezuela

Highest Waterfall in the world Angel Falls, Venezuela

Behind Angel Falls

Kerepakupai Vená (also Salto Ángel or Angel Falls in english) is the world's highest free-falling waterfall - located on the Auyantepuy in Canaima National Park, Venezuela

Angel Falls Base jumping Freefall

Almost like bathing at the foot of Angel Falls

Auyantepui - Angel Falls - Tepui

View of the Salto Angel taken during dry season, when the falls have a small discharge

Climbing Rainbow Jambaia aka Angel Falls

Aerial of Angel Falls

Canaima National Park Landscape, Venezuela

Top view of a Tepuy

Canaima - Salto Angel

Angel Falls the artistry of nature in all her glorious wonder

Rainbow Jambaia climbing and camping cliffs

Treking through the jungle to Angel Falls
El Salto Ángel, la más alta caída libre de agua del mundo, se encuentra en lo profundo del Parque Nacional Canaima en Venezuela. La caminata por la selva es una aventura surrealista en sí misma y se ha comparado a viajar a través de un "Mundo Perdido".
lovely angel falls

Waterfalls of Canaima

Grandeur of Angel Falls

Base Jump Angel Falls Venezuela

Majestic Angel Falls

Chinak-Meru Aponguao

Salto Angel from Raton

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