Aterradores o impresionantes los tiburones son asombrosos

 For some people, divers, scientists and people who hang out at the beach, sharks are a reality every day of the year.  People have long feared the predators prowling the deep and some shark species were hunted until their numbers were threatened. Sharks both fascinate us and fill us with fear, so here’s an up-close look at great whites, hammerheads, tiger sharks, bull sharks, whale sharks, lemon sharks, gray nurse sharks, and other sharks . . . all sprinkled with shark facts. We think sharks are jawesome and swimming with sharks is a pure adrenaline rush! 

When you see sharks, like this Jaws type, wouldn't you get out of the water?

Sharptooth lemon shark (sicklefin) in Australia

Hungry Predator, Great White Shark

The mighty Megalodon Shark

Deadly Great White Bite

Great White Shark jumping out of water to chomp down on a seal

Adrenaline junkies in a cage, baiting a biting shark

Shark, the predator

shark's teeth om nom nom

Scuba divers measuring a Sand Tiger Shark

Great white shark attacks

Great White at Guadalupe Mexico

Reef Shark surrounded by fish

Silky shark underwater life

Underwater world of shark predators

Magnificent Whale Shark

Bahamas scuba diving with lemon sharks

Shark, shark, shark, sharks! That's a lot of sharks!

dangerous shark

Hammerhead shark, Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Beautiful Sand Tiger Shark

Bull sharks with scuba divers

Whale shark at the Georgia Aquarium

Great Hammerhead shark

Megalodon Shark compared to boat

Great White shark, sharp jagged teeth from the side

Joi feeding Carribean reef shark

A Leopard shark swimming in a kelp forest in the 70,000 gallon kelp tank at Scripps Aquarium in La Jolla, California

Swarm of Hammerhead Sharks

Gray Nurse Shark

Big Basking shark

Silky sharks waiting by the boat

Kuroshio Sea whale sharks

Shark with dinner

Silhouette of a Grey Nurse Shark in the mouth of a cave

A great white shark at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

Dharavandhoo Thila - Hanifaru Bay Sharks

Sand Tiger Shark teeth

Sharks in shallow water

Grey Nurse Shark with fishhook swims above a shoal of Jack Mackerel

Istanbul Akvarium . . . The other day around the corner . . . SHARK!

Man stalks whale shark, great white shark stalks man

Surfacing Great White Shark

Tiger shark showing off teeth

The Secret Underwater Passage for sharks

Into the blue, sharks ahead as diver looks up

Shark Week Lemonshark Shark Week

Smiling Great White

Megamouth sharks

Tiger shark at Tiger Beach

 great white shark blueback

Basking Shark

Upclose and personal with a great white shark in Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

Lemon shark snapping at the surface

Beautiful beast, a Whale Shark

Diving the deep blue with predator Sand Tiger Shark

Watch out for that shark! Shark week photographers

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